Types Of Adoptions

There are a few types of adoptions that I would like to go over. While I was pregnant I wanted a closed adoption but my son’s AM suggested since I also have kids that I parent that I shouldn’t take their option away of knowing their baby brother. We do have an open adoption & I’m glad we do.

Open Adoption:

An open adoption can be a beautiful thing especially when you want to see your little one grow up. You can receive updates frequently (I have twice a month unless I ask for more), yearly visits at a minimum depending on the distance between the two of you or if that was asked.

Semi Open Adoption:

With semi open adoption you would get updates via email, mail, or through your agency / attorney. There would be very little updates and a possibility of increased grief for both the birth parents and adoptees.

Closed Adoption:

With a closed adoption you will not get any updates. Closed adoptions have more advantages for the HAP but not as many for birth parents (besides secrecy).

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